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I create stunning images of newborns and families– pictures that capture precious memories and celebrate life.

 I also specialise in personal branding, creating imagery that shows entrepreneurs and executives in the best possible light, to inspire trust and curiosity in their customers.

 Families and business. Two very different specialisations. Yet this blend makes perfect sense once you learn about my passions and the winding course of my adult life…

Before learning my craft as a photographer, I worked in sales and marketing. My degree is in psychology and I’ve studied NLP. People have always been my ‘thing’ and I have an aptitude for translating brand messages into a language that resonates with others. Though I loved my job and was good at it, the birth of my son triggered a change of direction. As a new mother, I failed to find the newborn photoshoot I was seeking. I was unimpressed by the customer-service experience and even more underwhelmed by the quality of the pictures I was sent home with. I had a lightbulb moment. I could do better. A lot better.

 I retrained as a photographer and set up Little Pickles Photography. To my delight, I was instantly in demand and my studio flourished. I adored shooting babies and their families (and still do!) but as time passed, it became clear that another side of me wanted to be expressed – the side that recognised the impact of personal branding. There were so many inspiring business people out there with a story to tell, and I was in a unique position to help them broadcast their message. So I dropped ‘Little Pickles’ in favour of my own name, and expanded my offering. To my joy, there was a huge need for photographers like me – professionals who understood business, created fabulous imagery and genuinely cared about their clients.

 Executives and entrepreneurs come to me when they’re ready to be seen in the fullness of their confidence and personal power. It’s a great honour to help them explore their brand personalities and shine.



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