you’re on a mission and want to share it with your ideal clients

Together we create a plan to tell your story, your way so that your clients can get to know, like and trust you. We need to help our clients understand how working with us will feel by using well thought out imagery that resonates with them and reassures them that you’re the right fit’ for them.

The latest statistics claim that someone viewing a website will stay on it for less than 20 seconds!

As a picture says 1000 words, images are essential in capturing the attention of your audience and showing them what you need them to know about you.

We only get one chance to make a first impression, so make yours count!!

How i help you do it

Here are a few of my recent clients to show you just how different they all look. That may sound odd but it’s important. Usually we choose a photographer because we like their style. My family clients do, they know exactly what they’re going to get (broadly speaking) when they hire me. Thats part of why they hire me - I’m consistent with a clear style.

When we hire a Branding Photographer I think we want the opposite of a recognisable style.

Each and every client of mine looks wildly different and aren’t obviously ‘mine’. Why?

Because the whole point of you hiring a personal branding photographer is so that you can represent YOUR brand. and tell YOUR story to YOUR clients. So yes, yes, my Instagram feed isn’t the perfectly curated feed of dreams. How can it be when I’m sharing my clients brand personalities instead of mine? My skill is being able to put my own style to one side and translate yours into imagery that will scream YOU. That’s how I help and why my personal branding clients hire me to help them.

That said, one thing remains consistent - high quality imagery that’s as clean, crisp and professional as you are.

but the books

The team were expanding and they needed updated imagery to include the increased scale of their business. They’re also far from the stereotype we think of when we imagine accountants and there was a little challenge thrown in…..

Kirsty didn’t have an easy brief, we were a number of people who didn’t know each other and oh, I’d asked her to disguise the fact that I was heavily pregnant!

From our initial thorough conversation, when Kirsty seemed to have thought of everything, right through to putting us at total ease on the day and delivering a fantastic set of photos which give us many options we can use on all different platforms, Kirsty was amazing.

It’s unfair to say she exceeded my expectations, because I’ve seen the quality of her work and knew she was the right photographer for us, but I was very very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kirsty again.

plan and grow

Karens background in the corporate world gives her a level of knowledge that we don’t often see in the small business space and her images needed to reflect that. 

She’s not a coach and her approach as a strategist is different. Her images needed to incorporate her corporate skill as that’s a massive USP for her, but she’s not a corporate robot, she’s friendly, warm, approachable and passionate about helping micro businesses succeed, rather than be sat in a boardroom.

Kirsty got under the skin of my business and made sure she understood what I wanted to reflect. Being honest, I was dreading the shoot as I’m nervous in front of the camera, but Kirsty managed to take me through that into feeling empowered and positive. Her process helped me clarify my thinking on my branding and led to a change in those and since using my images I have a new found confidence in my business voice and you can see an increase in my engagement as a result

the study buddy

Nathan contacted me as his PR had just advised him he was being published in The Times’ educational supplement and needed some professional imagery, pronto! He then found out he was being featured in other publications and his website needed to be updated to service the enquiries he’d be getting as a result.

Stop reading reviews, and book her already. Kirsty was nothing short of amazing. From the very first phone call consultation, she took the time to understand not just what I thought I wanted but also to get under the skin of my business to better inform her direction of the shots. I am not comfortable in-front of the camera but Kirsty’s entire approach is disarmingly personable. In no time at all she had created a relaxed atmosphere where my self consciousness [all but] disappeared.

Between the product shots, incidental shots and also the personal branding ones, I have an incredible selection for web, social and PR. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional service or output at such great value.

keyboard smash

Sarah had been through a rebrand and needed her website imagery to be brought inline with that. She had planned a full branding session and then became pregnant, so booked the “new chapter” package to tide her over until later in the year.

I could not be more pleased with the results! I did not realise how BAD my images and website looked like before! I have recently had my branding done and these images have bought it all together and made my branding ‘pop’. It has given me confidence in my business as I feel a lot more professional and I really appreciate the depth and understanding that Kirsty has with branding photography. She could give advice down to the tiniest detail which shows that you really need a professional when getting your branding photography done, and you’ll find that in Kirsty. Could not be more pleased with the final results!

Fit for adventure

As a Physiotherapist specialising in injury Charlie needed to balance clinical expertise with warmth and approachability. Her clients are likely to be feeling vulnerable so a visual story-board was necessary for her website, to gently walk her clients through the options of working with her and familiarising them with how their experience might look.

Kirsty was amazing to work with! She puts you completely at ease from the moment you first contact her. I was definitely a long way out of my comfort zone having branding photography done but Kirsty took the time to get to know me, how I worked and what the business was about. She made the sessions light hearted and fun, putting me and my model (a friend) at ease, and guided us through the process in a caring way. Kirsty made sure throughout that she was capturing the breadth of photos I wanted and made really helpful suggestions to ensure the photos showed the full story of my business. It was a great experience and the whole process from initial enquiry to receiving my finished photos was a pleasure and very efficient. The finished photos are fantastic! I would totally recommend Kirsty. She is a wonderful person and a true professional.

Becky Barnes style

Becky was about to be featured in the press as a champion of pre-loved fashion but only had images of her in high street stores which didn’t represent her brand. We scheduled a lightening quick session on one of her favourite shopping streets and got to work. The images have a vintage feel to reinforce the pre-loved messaging.

Kirsty stepped in at short notice to take photos for a brand photoshoot and was exceptionally good. She put me at ease immediately and the whole exercise was so relaxed and stress free. The aftercare has also been incredible and Kirsty’s attention to detail is just brilliant. Very very pleased and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

the unicorn factory

Helen has such a unique business and naturally wanted to reflect her fun, playful and creative side in her branding images. With a name like The Unicorn Factory, there really was only one way this session was going to go…..

I love them, I cannot wait to use these wonderful images”

“I was part of a shoot that Kirsty took for a business. Kirsty was able to understand the brief and translate all of the creative thoughts in to fabulous images. She has a lovely manner that makes everyone feel relaxed and therefore getting the most natural results. I would thoroughly recommend Kirsty.

victoria denning aesthetics

Vicky is a qualified and experienced paramedic and brought this background into her aesthetics career. She wanted to look professional but due to the nature of her industry nudge this very close to a beauty shoot. So we did!

Kirsty is amazing! Last week I had a personal branding photo shoot with Kirsty and to say I was impressed is an understatement. The care and attention to detail that Kirsty gave was outstanding.

Kirsty took time to understand me, my brand, my industry and what I needed prior to the shoot. On the day the shoot went so smoothly with Kirsty’s expert knowledge and guidance it was easy to flow through the shots getting exactly what I needed.

I am so impressed with the images and I don’t say this lightly as I don’t usually like pictures of myself. The images reflect me, my personality and the image that it is important for me to convey to my potential clients. They are simply perfect.

what to expect

My packages range from a full branding shoot through to a single headshot, so there’s something for everyone, no matter what stage you are at with your business. In varying quantities each package includes:

  • A planning session to ensure we capture exactly the right mixture of images that convey the right messages for your brand.

  • Business portraits that show you in a way that will resonate with your ideal clients.

  • Some fun/relaxed/lifestyle images to show your human side and allow you to break up your content with an opportunity for your viewer to get to know you a little better.

  • Branded stock images to make posting to social media a breeze!

  • Detailed posing guidance so you can forget your nerves and let your images tell your story.

  • Full editing of each image to ensure it reflects the best version of you and your business. Headshots are hand edited to 'magazine cover' standard and the documentary/lifestyle images will be curated so that they (and in turn you) look polished and professional. 

If you aren’t sure which option works best for you or you need something different, just give me a call and we’ll figure it out!

packages & Pricing


your novel


Your session will include:

  • Up to 6 hours

  • Up to 6 different locations

  • Up to 8 outfit changes

  • A mixture of business portraits, lifestyle images and branded stock images to suit you

This session is for you if:

  • You know your story and are ready to help even more of your dream clients hear it! 

  • You want a visual story-board that compels your ideal clients to work with you.

  • You need to showcase all the ways you work with your clients to help them picture themselves there. This is an essential first step in building trust, so a vital aspect of your marketing plan is taken care of. 

  •  You want to bring your website to life, consistency to your social media platforms and brand your blogs, not to mention fuel your PR and media pack!!

Your short story


Your session will include:

  • Up to 3 hours

  • Up to 3 different locations

  • Up to 4 outfit changes

  • A mixture of business portraits, lifestyle images and branded stock images to suit you

This session is for you if: · 

  • You're building/refreshing your website and need to bring your messaging to life.

  • You do a little on social media and would like a bank of images to make posting quick and easy.

  • We can follow a specific branding brief if you have one or be more lifestyle in nature, your situation and needs will dictate which.

a new chapter


Your session includes:

  • 90 minutes in my Congresbury studio or on location in Clifton, Bristol

  • One business portrait

  • One lifestyle image

  • THREE branded stock images

This session is for you if:

  • You're just starting out and need a few amazing images to get you going on your website and social media. It can also act as an update when you need a refresh.