About me

I’m a portrait photographer which even though it sounds stuffy and fancy, it’s not. All it means is that I specialise in capturing you exactly as you want to be seen. I tell your story whether that’s with your family or in your business. 

I’m your up close and personal photographer.

Where it’s all about a conversation, be that between you and your family or between you and your ideal client on your website.

I’ll be the one drawing you out of yourself so that you can’t quite believe that the person looking back at you in the image is you. That’s me, that’s what I spend my time doing these days and boy am I glad that those horrible events happened to get me here!


Horrible events? Well, less than ideal perhaps. I came to run a photography business in a very unusual way as my previous career was as an Account Manager for a big pharmaceutical company. It was great in many ways, I was ‘successful’, worked on marketing campaigns and naturally got to improve patients lives. So far, very unexpected, but enter a baby, a nasty car accident whilst on maternity leave, the manager of nightmares, a payoff and some decidedly unsatisfactory photoshoots with our own baby and a serious lightbulb went off. It was time for a change and I knew just what it needed to be. 

I invested a huge amount of time (almost 2 years) training with the best of the best in newborn photography. It was an epic investment and I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. I felt there was a real gap in the market for a gentle baby-led photographer with a relaxing and homely studio who understands when your baby wants to cluster feed for hours instead of being photographed but who was also a well trained professional able to get the results I wanted myself. I specialised in newborns and their families and loved it. I still do. This expanded into maternity, older children, location work and a personal favourite of mine, multi-generational sessions. I thought this was what I’d be doing forever.

Daft thought as the only certainty its change and thus my business unexepectedly expanded. Whilst I couldn’t love my newborn and family work more, my brain felt like it was being decidedly under-utilised and I had so much knowledge that was going to waste. Quite by accident I stumbled into Personal Branding photography and it was love at first sight. Everything about my background is aligned to this work. My degree is in Psychology. I’m trained in NLP. I’ve spent years (and years!) in sales and worked on marketing campaigns. Since becoming a photographer I’ve learned how to use the body to convey messages so now I work with small business owners and service professionals who need to cut through the noise of their competition, stand out and connect with their target clients. Telling their story in a way that’s right for their business means that my Instagram grid is an inconsistent mess but that they look exactly like they should. 

 Whilst you’re looking for a style you like when choosing a family photographer when choosing a branding one you want the opposite! If all of their images reflect their own brand, how will your business look like yours? This is what I bring to you, my ability to translate your brief into images that reflect you and your business. Despite this long intro into what makes me, me, it really isn’t about me at all, it’s all about you and your story. All I do is help you tell it in a compelling and beautiful way.

 If I sound like your kind of photographer, give me a call. I’d love to hear your story.