About me

I know not everyone wants to know how and why I do what I do, so I’ve added this separate page so you can read more if you’re that way inclined. If not, it won’t get in the way of the stuff you do want!!

from newborn photographer to adding personal branding

Before learning my craft as a photographer, I worked in sales and marketing. My degree is in psychology and I’ve studied NLP. People have always been my ‘thing’ and I have an aptitude for translating brand messages into a language that resonates with others. Though I loved my job and was good at it, the birth of my son triggered a change of direction. As a new mother, I failed to find the newborn photoshoot I was seeking. I was unimpressed by the customer-service experience and even more underwhelmed by the quality of the pictures I was sent home with. I had a lightbulb moment. I could do better. A lot better.

 I retrained as a photographer and set up Little Pickles Photography. To my delight, I was instantly in demand and my studio flourished. I adored shooting babies and their families (and still do!) but as time passed, it became clear that the skills and experience I’d honed in my ‘previous’ life was coming back to the fore – the experience that knew I could make an impact to personal branding clients.

With so many inspiring business people out there with a story to tell, I am in a unique position to help them broadcast their message. So I dropped ‘Little Pickles’ in favour of my own name, and expanded my offering. To my joy, there was a huge need for a photographer like me – a professional who understands business, creates fabulous imagery and genuinely cares about their clients.

Executives and entrepreneurs come to me when they’re ready to be seen in the fullness of their confidence and personal power. It’s a great honour to help them explore their brand personalities and shine.

how can you work with me?

Being a portrait photographer, my specialism is people. That’s quite a specific genre, but I choose to specialise even further than that by layering in on two sub-genres of portrait photography.


newborn & family photography

When I decided to become a newborn photographer, it was imperative to me that I offer my clients the best service possible. That my images were the best they could be and the service they received was second to none. My motto that the experience matters as much as the images defined everything I did and everything I do.

To that end, I invested a huge amount of time (almost two years) training with the best of the best in newborn photography. It was an epic investment and I’m thrilled to report that it has paid off abundantly.

I sensed a gap in the market for a gentle, baby-led photographer with a relaxing and homely studio – a person who understood when a baby needed to cluster feed for hours instead of being photographed. I stepped up to the plate. I set myself the highest standards, establishing myself as a consummate professional who delivers images of exceptional quality.

 From newborns I expanded to families, maternity, older children, location work and (a favourite of mine) multi-generational sessions so that I could continue to work with the clients that I had developed such a bond with during the early days.

personal branding photography

Everything about my background is aligned with me creating personal branding imagery. My degree is in Psychology. I’ve studied NLP. I’ve spent years (and years!) working on marketing campaigns. Photography and branding feel like the perfect meeting of passions. As a photographer, I enable my clients (often entrepreneurs and service professionals) to use their faces and physicality to convey strong branding messages.

I identify what makes each person truly distinctive then capture that spark through my lens. Each set of photographs becomes a showcase – a visual declaration of what makes that individual special and deserving of attention. Armed with these stunning images, my clients effortlessly cut through the noise of their competition, standing out as they rightly should. 

That’s the power of personal branding done well. It’s an area of photography that I’m passionate about and due to my unique skillset, excel in.

Traditionally, a family photographer has a ‘style’ – a signature approach to composition, angles, setting atmosphere and editing style.

Personal branding photography should be the opposite. A personal branding photographer worth their salt puts their own stylistic preferences to one side and approaches each shoot with an eagerness to tune into her client. Maintaining this open, adaptive approach is crucial to me (and no doubt to you!) because, let’s face it, when you’re in business, you want the world to see you as your own person – special and unique. What I bring is a knack for drawing out your uniqueness, coupled with an ability to accurately translate your brief and bring it to life in the eyes of your target clients.

My work is all about you (unlike this page, which is all about me!). I’m here to deliver stunning images that make you stand out from the crowd. Let me help you tell your story in a meaningful and compelling way.