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My unique skillset has led me to having two sides to my business, newborns & families in addition to personal branding & headshots. This isn’t a traditional mixture but when you understand my story it all starts to make sense.

Prior to being a photographer I had a successful career in sales and marketing and I have a degree in Psychology. People have always been my ‘thing’ and translating brand messages into a language that resonates with others has always been something I’ve found comes naturally.

Life takes us on tangents though and a baby plus a nasty car accident combined with an awful manager gave me some time to think. As a new Mummy I hadn’t found the experience I was looking for with our own newborn photoshoots as either the level of service or the quality had been lacking and I knew I could offer an alternative that would be appealing. I retrained and set up what was then Little Pickles Photography. The business has evolved and now goes under my name but my very cheesy but nevertheless absolutely true motto “your experience matters as much as your images” still stands as strong as ever.

Continuing the theme of unexpected paths…. as much as I love working with newborns and families and I really do, it became obvious that I was wasting a large portion of my previous skillset. Adding Personal Branding to my services allows me to get under the skin of your business, tease out what your clients need to think and feel about you in order to have the confidence to contact you. It was the missing piece of the jigsaw that I didn’t even realise I was missing.

Whichever way you choose to work with me you get the same exceptional attention to detail, the same flattering images that we all desire (whether we admit it or not!) and the same unparalleled level of service (I actually offer a satisfaction guarantee). The only thing that differs is the style of your images.



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